Shyamaram Ramadas

Shyam is passionate about being true to what yoga is organically about. Shyam uses union between the body and the mind with breath awareness as a tool. It is about using these aspects to develop mental strength, being centred and emotional centeredness. It’s about the emotional, and mental equilibrium

While in the Singapore Army, Shyam had back injuries. Having tried Yoga, he realised how it immediately impacted his mental and physical wellbeing positively.

Subsequently he took up Yoga Teacher Training program in Svyasa (Bangalore, India) for one month. When he was in in India, he was fully devoted to the lifestyle of the ashram where the experience changed his whole being.

Upon completing the course, he returned to Singapore and took up a 1-year Yoga Teacher Training program with Singapore Hindu Center where he became passionate about yoga. His teacher was instrumental in opening his eyes to the spirituality and history of yoga texts; the depth that the texts revealed about body-mind-sense unit and he appreciated how yoga could prepare the mind so that knowledge could be embraced.

Shyam strongly believes that Yoga is more than postures and offers a holistic approach to life. It is a wholesome approach – it isn’t just about being happy it’s also about being present and being able to fully accepting of life, its consequences and enjoying it wholeheartedly. Applying the practice beyond the mat.

Apart from the Yoga Teacher Trainings in SVYASA Yoga University (ISO 9001) in Bangalore, India and the Hindu Centre, Singapore, Shyam has also completed specialised training courses on Yoga Anatomy and Physiology. He is currently enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy with SVYASA, Bangalore, India.

Outside of Yoga, his other qualifications are Double Degrees in Science (Psychology) and Commerce (Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations) from Curtin University in, Australia.

Shyam also has a certificate in Ayurveda Nutrition and Anti -Ageing with elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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