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Vasanthi welcomes every one of all gender and ages equally and made everyone feel at home. For most of the EAS team, it was their first time doing such activity. Most of them were reluctant and scared in the beginning to even join or attend because of their age. But at the end of the workshop, everyone felt that we should have another similar session. Vasanthi focuses on breathing, then joints exercises and how we should all include it in our daily practice.
Ms Sri Amirah - Admin Executive
Vasanthi’s yoga class was enriching, it taught us valuable life lessons on how to improve our life balance through yoga; breathing and stretching as the basics. Indeed a mind opener! The duration for the yoga class was panned out well. We hope we will be able to continue our work life balance journey with yoga by going for more of her classes in the future.
Masayu Normasrah - Librarian
Vasanthi is very pleasant, patient and understanding. She will go the extra mile to make sure we learn the correct technique and avoid injury. She takes an interest in knowing us. Thank you very much. I will be healthier in Yoga.
Jan Kah Cheng - Admin Office
Vasanthi was able to show knowledge of our common pains and stresses and help us to focus on these in our session to alleviate the muscular pains. She was also able to adjust the postures according to different capabilities for e.g. she made the older staff have the option of sitting on the chair and still following the stretching routine. She approached the session holistically so that I felt my whole system was addressed, even eyes. She was friendly and approachable. It was no surprise that she is a yoga teacher trainer.
Dolly Khemani - School Counsellor
I have worked in the emergency department for 8 years. Because of stressful work, I have an imbalance of my autonomic nervous system(ANS). According to the heart rate variability monitoring, my ANS revealed a predominance of my sympathetic system. I also had palpitation, insomnia, stiffness, etc. Fortunately, I had the chance to learn yoga relaxation through Vasanthi's student since April, 2011. Now, my symptoms have reduced and my ANS is more balanced. In November, 2011, I attended the Yoga Teacher Training (with an introduction to Ayurveda) conducted by Vasanthi. She is a great teacher. She teaches all the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda and many cleansing skills. Her teaching style is creative. We can ask all kinds of questions, and she will answer as possible as she can. In addition, she has a huge enthusiasm for yoga and Ayurveda research. I believe if I follow her foot steps and practice persistently, I can become an excellent yoga teacher like her. Thanks to Vasanthi!
Dr Lee Ming Ho - Emergency Department,
I’ve had knee replacement for both knees. I cannot do Yoga or any major stretching. Vasanthi made me feel welcomed and made everyone feel comfortable. I like the activity very much that I can also do while I have my rest in the kitchen in between lessons.
Mdm Hamidah - Operations Support Officer
Vasanthi has a wonderful gentle energy about her and when she teaches her passion is contagious!! The "Stress Management" technique she teaches is very beneficial and the manner in which she teaches it is both informative & inspiring!
Beth Brodie - Singapore
Vasanthi is an intuitive, gifted Yoga practitioner who is passionate about her art and it is evident from the level of dedication and importance her students give to her classes. She was running Yoga classes for staff and I must honestly say it was the best series of Yoga sessions I have ever had! She was able to adjust the lessons to suit every different type of fitness level and so we weren't left in aches and pains at the end of the class. In addition, the meditation "cool down" session was a hit– and even we missed the 1st half of the class, we were determined not to miss the 2nd session because we were led into a guided relaxation meditation that left us all feeling so refreshed and recharged to take on another stressful day!
Natasha Raina - Singapore
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