Lasting Beauty through Ayurveda (Face care and hair care)

Many times, people focus externally caring for their physical bodies and overlook that lasting beauty starts from within. The mind also plays a crucial role in enhancing your beauty. Ayurveda clearly states that the mind and body are inseparable entities and what affects the mind will affect the body and vice versa. Ayurveda essentially advises a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle (swasthavritta, dinacharya, ritucharya) in order to maintain one’s beauty. Lasting beauty in Ayurveda is the outcome of nourishment, pleasant mind, long life, clear thoughts and peace of mind. In Ayurveda skin is called Twak and is dominated by the 5 different types of Vayu (Pancha prana or 5 Vayu) where each play a different rold in maintaining skin health. Pitta and Kapha play their role in controlling body heat and skin complexion while Kapha functions to maintain fluid balance. By understanding the principles of VPK one can learn how to delay ageing as well as age gracefully. This being the foundation of lasting beauty, Ayurveda also offers solution for skin care and hair care through herbs application. At this workshop you will learn the ancient secrets of inner beauty through Ayurveda and some simple beauty tips for your face and hair using natural herbs.

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