Mind Wellness (Manasa Roga)

Both Ayurveda and Yoga talks in detail about mental health and the importance of balancing the mind. A person is considered truly healthy if and only if their mind is healthy. Any kind of imbalance of the mind (sadness, anger, grief, frustration, worry, anxiety, fear, pain, guilt and so on) is known as Manasa Dosha and will slowly percolate into the body and manifest as physical ailment. Excessive Vata (Space+Air) leads to separation, fear, isolation and so on; excessive Pitta (Fire+Water) leads to anger, frustration etc and so on; excessive Kapha (Water+Earth) leads to depression, sluggishness, lack of motivation.

It is for this reason that Ayurveda states that the seat of the mind is both in head and heart and both the mind and heart must be aligned in a coherent manner. We become more
conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions and slowly develop compassion and love towards society and humankind.

Both Ayurveda and Yoga have an extensive literature on the workings of the mind, its layers of consciousness, qualities of the mind which are referred to as Sattva (Clarity), Rajas
(Activity) and Tamas (Lethargy) and how the mind operates. Both these sciences strongly advocate the importance of keeping the mind in a balanced state in order to prevent long term mental health issues. At this workshop you will learn the importance of balancing the mind and the heart and learn some simple techniques to move from beta brain wave to alpha/theta brain wave that you can practice daily.

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